Radetzky Gastronomy offers a take away service of traditional quality foods.
We are available for home delivery in the area and also for catering.
Every day you’ll find our Split Chickens.
The Campese Chicken, bred outdoors, an outstanding product of Amadori . All carefully selected from the best breeds, Campese chickens grow in outdoor husbandry systems and are free to roam in large areas covered with vegetation. The Campese Chicken, 100% Italian, is fed on a 100% vegetable, GMO free, feed made from corn, wheat, barley, other grains and soybeans.


There is always lasagna Bolognese  and Eggplant Parmigian, in addition to the first and second courses of meat or fish.
All varies daily based on seasonal availability.
Fresh vegetables steamed or grilled, seafood salads, veal with tuna sauce, capons, pasta salads, and much more like fresh pasta, tagliatelle, spaghetti alla chitarra, gnocchi ( potato and spinach), made to order ravioli and tortellini.
The complete radetzky cafe menu is available for takeaway , salads, cutlet, sandwiches and much more.